Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Listen to The Mocking Bird

Silly name for something where the bird is so tiny, however I like that statement, it invites pleasant thoughts, thoughts that say I may not have anything else to do but listen for bird song. In a book and I can't remember what book the author said that the only thing I want to do today is stir the soup and feed the birds. Well I have days like that and I think I wish I had only the washing of the potholders and cleaning the doorknobs. Maybe paint of quilt.

The dear rabbit had to visit another, he makes rounds and shows some maturity with no spots today. Really I know rabbits aren't born with spots, and he probably isn't a rabbit, he most likey is a hare, Wanda called him Jack.

I nearly did a painting with out much color then suddenly failed with her dress.

I had to renew my drivers licence today, another 8 years before I do it again. Why I would stress over doing this I don't know, it was not a stressful experience at all.
I guess there is a deep seated fear the employee will say, no drivers licence for you, we aren't letting old women drive anymore. He will say to me they drive with their blinker on for miles and can't see over the steering wheel. They shouldn't even be in a peddle car. Well that didn't happen. I have always been very capable of thinking up the worst senerio for a situation. It is called awfulizing. I could give a class on this way of thinking.

Say hi to my Hare and wish him many visits.


wanda miller said...

ohhhhh! i love how you put this all together, this marvelous CREATION! the background steeple (barely there) the musical stool, the halo around her entire self, of course "jack", all the special colors and the reaching to each other's hands (paw) to name but a few things i love about this piece, emelie, ha! i just think it Quite special.
...and you are sooo funny about the driving scene, i have done the same thing in the past, especially as i age!
THANK YOU for painting another rabbit, i am still in love with him (well, i guess it could be a she, tee hee)! xo

Diane said...

I would get an A in your class--I excel in this subject--you have no idea :) I love what you did here and I love the color of her dress--I think it brings the whole piece together(how you integrated the background colors with the foreground) And you can come over and clean my door knobs too!

Star said...

Oh, this is an adorable painting! I know you like 'busyness' but even tho' this one has a lot, it still seems less because of how it's laid out and the colors blend nicely! The rabbit/Hare fits perfectly and I do like the mockingbird in the distance, through the window....it gave the whole piece that triangle effect for the eyes!
Stressing over silly things? I could be a teacher in how to do that over every little thing and tell why it's such a waste on time and hard on your nerves! I can say it's one thing I'm a 'pro' at! I had to have a mammography on Monday and you would've laughed at how nervous I was, nearly making myself sick....and I knew it would be fine, I knew it wouldn't hurt and still I was shaking like a leaf! And it did go well and I felt so silly afterwards. It's just how I am. Even getting a new DL, I'm always sure they'll fail me and not let me drive!
This is getting long, but you asked about talking to myself? You betcha I do! And yes, when I did the card and envelope yesterday, I felt good, I went in the art room early, turned on my Playlist and did the La La La thing while mumbling to myself, laying out the envelope design. And so it turned out good! But then I started the next card and got interrupted, had to leave for a few hours and by time I got back in there the mood had passed. And now...I don't like how this card came out and the envelope, either. They have more smudges & mistakes and the whole thing is just forced. Speaking of mistakes, I made a dandy one and ruined the one little half face I liked and had waiting. I would've sworn I had finished her and sealed it but guess what happened when I went over it with gel? Smeared all over the place! I'm still trying to fix it seeing it's glued into place. I was not in La La Land!

wanda miller said...

hey emelie, so ironic that you mentioned sylvia's garden...never read it, but might now. we raised sheep for about 10 years. very fun and very hard, my husband had to do the heavy work of helping me prune nails and give shots, etc. he just couldn't stand the fact that they were so dumb. i learned to spin and weave their wool and then continue to teach my after school kids to do this as well. we also dye wool from families sheep in the area. what a delight this has continued to be! when i was giving a demonstration once, i brought in different colored wools from my sheep. one little boy piped up and said, his family owned a BLUE sheep! it was so hard to not burst out laughing. after the demo and we were all retreating, i slyly said, hey, sean, see if you can bring some of that blue wool tomorrow, it'd be great to share!! hahahahahaha xo wanda