Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unrest, ailing

I believe this rabbit has colic and a slight rash, and angel needs to come and do some holding and consulation, plus consultation with mom. Mom is off eating clover.

I did a sketch of this weeks ago or around Easter, it looked sort of lame, but it is what it is and if nothing else it has color and a story. I feel that the baby and the angel sort of look alike and that in itself is amusing.

I never quite know what I am going to get I just go along after the background is in and add or subtract, mostly add, until I think it is done. the baby didn't have a rash until I put dots on her jacket. My opinion is it is the red dye that is the cause. It could also be that I am messy with painting lately, can't keep colors clean and sharp. Also a little of that spring thing of staring out the window and thinking. It is a slump of sorts that rambles from one thing to another. Things that can't quite get finished up, Things I don't have control over, always pending more information, more calls, more appointments. Anyway here is the painting.


Sharon said...

Emelie, you just always give me a giggle, thank you for that.

Diane said...

Awww, I love this bunny--I hope she feels better!

Laura said...

Funny story...but no I don't quite think so. Anyway, I like the colors once again. 'Specially the bright yellows and the yellow green of her skirt. That is a color I really enjoy looking at no matter the season!

revchantilly said...

I can hear bits of your former work coming out in your post ;)

wanda miller said...

ahhh, that is the sweetest painting ever, emelie...i love the sadness and caring for the bunny..i love when paintings evoke such emotions!
and then, you are so doggone funny!
her jacket is so cool and i want the bunny, honey! xo wanda