Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Spring Totum

Inspiration from A Floundering Star was the influence behind this painting. I really didn't even know it until there is was. It is an inner voice that speaks to one because of what another has said or done. You will see her blog, "A Floundering Star" on the right and visit her glass totums of influence.

I knew that I wanted a rabitt in this painting, he is the influence of a weather vane, maybe he should of been on top, I wanted him looking at the person. I like the piece of painted paper doily on the side of her face, thinking of doing a face with paper doily all around. The wings on the angel in my header are the same. It always seems to me tacky to use paper doily, everyone knows what they are, no mystery at all, but they have a workability that is pleasing to me. They take paint well, they also work good as a stencil. I may use one again today.


wanda miller said...

oh emelie, after reading your words on my blog i wished i could just reach over and hug you!! i love love love your comments, always. and this time i realized, you leave such unique ones, honest ones, special ones. i know i said it before but YOU are so special!!
i just love this painting, and i really like the doily use! i am in love with your rabbit, he looks like a sweet jack rabbit...think about making more, maybe all by themselves...they are so unique and emote really good feelings! the totem, some more of those, excellent idea and i am crazy about how you did yours!
a very "hoppy" easter to you, special lady!!! xo wanda

Star said...

Emelie, I really like this painting! The face is wonderful and love the doily accent in the hair. I'm so glad I could be a good influence on somebody and a inspiration for art! That makes me happy! The rabbit and mention of a weather vane made me remember there's a picture I forgot to show. Guess maybe I'll do that today.
Didn't do much art yesterday. Went in to work on a card but got side-tracked and fixed a practice face instead and then played with another practice face which is all wonky and not too good at all, but it was learning. I'm gonna 'get there' yet!!

Judy said...

I love your rabbit, Emelie!!! The whole piece makes me smile. Her face reminds me of a picture I have of my mom. Just the eyebrows and hair are different. *smile*

To me, there's a clarity in this work, that feels so much like the crisp, clear days of spring. Thanks!

Laura said...

I really like your rabbit Emelie. He is just what the weekend ordered! And the totems are for sure an inspiration right from Star. Those totems of hers are such fun. I day dreamed immediately of having one for my garden.
I have been working on another portrait. And of course my little collages. And practicing my drawing with pencil sketching. That is hard. Talk about weird noses!!

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and colourful.