Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May basket for Mae

I have had May baskets on my mind lately, when I was a child we made them and put real flowers in them, mostly fern and violets. We wrapped the flowers in damp paper and used saved wrapping paper over that, they were quite perishable but pretty.
We folded colored paper in funnel shapes and put handles on the with glue or those push spead apart fasteners. There was not an abundance of things to use for
artful creations like now. We didn't even have a stapler. You had to hang the basket on someones door knock and run and not get caught. I think if you got kissed you had to do the same next year and if you didn't they had deliver.

I think now of the pretty flowers you could make with ink blots and a little yellow paint. So many things to use and all the pretty papers. I even know we could of been much more imaginative then we were, we had blueing for laundry and food coloring. We could of made potato stamps, and cut papers for stencils. I do think we used left over wallpaper sometimes. Fun, I want to do another.


Judy said...

Thanks for refreshing my childhood memories, Emelie!!!

Sharon said...

Great how you used those flower cutouts. Also enjoyed hearing your memories.

Laura said...

Love that color combo Emelie. And those flowers are so cool...I may have to make some of those for my AEDC's!

Nelda Ream said...

What a lovely memory. I really like your color combination on this piece and the texture you achieved with the paper cut outs and the stenciling.

Anonymous said...

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