Friday, April 16, 2010

Painting and Quilt

What I want to do is have a little personal fit, but if I have it here it won't be personal will it? Public fits aren't in very good taste.

The program not the printer scanner, the program that holds my images would not enlarge my thumb print photos so I could work with the photo. Then there was another program that came with the printer and I downloaded that, but a window came up that said it was fixing my problem, and at least for now it seems fixed.

I went out then and after to pull weeds for a while, I noticed that the rose bushes need a good pruning of dead branches. I hate that job,I always looks like I got a new cat and it isn't tame yet. You have to put on heavy gloves and a winter coat.
I will do that shortly.

The quilt is only 8X8 inches, the painting is quite bright not quite what I had in mind, if you visit Norah's you will see she gave us a challenge to paint our background in bright squares and I did this,
but maybe my mood was not quite right as things didn't go as planned. I may try again and do a better plan. I want to do some things that have a May, the month of May feel. It is a month I like a lot.

Suddenly I feel better, one has to remember if you state your inner anger in a proper way it will reduce the size as much as if you make a scene. If I make a scene then I have to get over that also and I have two things to work through.


Sharon said...

I think you pulled it off. I don't know why you are frustrated. I like it a lot.

wanda miller said...

ooh...i love those squares in the background and these are some of my favorite colors, emelie...i love how they light up the entire painting! is that an bird stamp or did you draw it, it's the cutest ever?! xo

Judy said...

Nice job on both!! I like the bird also! Your quilt has so many layers and textures, and interest, that my eyes just move about, finding surprises everywhere!! Well done!

Wise words also... thanks!

Jacqueline said...

Love this Emelie!