Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Cat Food Bag

Months ago I saw this picture on a cat food product, I bought it just for for the great picture.

We have a cat but he didn't eat this kind of chow. The food did get used as winter got colder a stray cat moved into the unused barn.

I used a valentine napkin, a floral napkin, security envelopes, stamping on tissue paper that I also tore for background. The little uneven squares of envelope were only used around the border, along with the tissue paper. I was at first quite disappointed with this, I thought there should be color behind the white tissue, I think that part is fine now. I work not to have hard, straight lines in a collage, I like a blending better where the viewer can't really see where one thing ends and another begins, that is one reason to have some color behind the white tissue, I may rework this a little, I am leaning towards not. I thought the green was not quite right in the bag also, so colored up her dress a little and did some stamping with paint, writing with a white pen. So at this point it is what it is. Oh yes, the bag paper was too thick so I printed off a copy of the picture, this means I could take a different track and do another.


Star said...

Good Morning, Emelie! I like this piece a lot....just as it is! Isn't it funny how when you shop now, it involves looking at all print and graphics on the packages?
I like how in the end, it appears as if your looking in through a window, watching the gal pet her cat.
I don't care much for straight hard lines, either, so I rip or tear most of my papers. Oh, I guess I don't always scroll down to the very bottom of your blog....I like the collage at the bottom! Are those houses that you painted?

wanda miller said...

you are my kind of girl, buying the cat food for the picture, love it love it. your piece is so wonderful and pretty, just every thing about it speaks to me! and o my goodness, i just saw the piece at the bottom as star said...and it is so beautiful..yes, i need to know too..are those your painted houses?
answer to your question: i didn't necessarily use misty's suggested products as she showed us in her videos...i used the inks for flowing over the tea bags, rather than a face.
and yes, this has been such a tremendous class! i took her first video one a few months ago...i too love her art work so dearly, the feeling and emotion that is held in every one of her faces...i try to evoke that as well.
it appears to me that you are gung ho in this class with sharon, as you are doing and doing...and such wonders at that!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Emelie,
I just love what you've done with this picture from the cat food! It is realy wonderful! I'm going to look around for prints I can use when I'm going to shop, I never thought of that.