Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Such a pout on this girl, and it could be because of her eye. I can't decide if I should move it down, the design in her hair is a transfer, that is a paper image glued on and the paper rubbed off and just the black ink left. You have seen it in the background houses on previous paintings.

I have been painting my background with a palette knife because I like the hit and miss blotches of paint.

I hope to do another profile today, one shouldn't be tired from painting, I am a little. If I get going it will pass. I will go downstairs and do cat chores and look at my prepared canvas and feel the energy. Cat chores consist of new water, food and checking the litter. This is for one cat. Snow shoveling may be part of the day also.


wanda miller said...

sheesh, emelie, i can't hardly keep up with you...you are just having a wonderful time learning!!!
i too, love applying paint with items other than a brush..it's a fun surprise sometimes how the applications turn out!
i had a hard time with profiles too, but am a little better at it now, after taking misty's class. your's is so lovingly SOFT and heartfelt!!

Judy said...

Emelie, In my very unskilled opinion, I think that maybe she needs a more prominent forehead. I think her eye is perfect!!!

Star said...

Emelie, what Judy said is right....I think her eye is fine but the forehead should maybe be longer (higher). Then that line from nose to lips...move that line (bottom) right to the center indent of the lip and move the top of the line out a tiny bit more. This comes from one who hasn't done one of her own YET! LOL! I like her!! Such pretty hair!

revchantilly said...

I'm laughing in the voice of our former large black polydactyl cat over your enjoyment of using a palette knife because I remember those crazy oil paintings Grandma W. did using only a palette knife.