Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poe's Wife??

No I guess not, but my husband asked if that was Poe's wife when he saw the painting. This painting has several layers of paint in the back ground, A painted surface with gesso, then a layer of stamped white paint, another layer of paint with more color and scraped and smeared with a palette knife. The flowers are newspaper, and actually more of the paper should of been left to show, the words, "Time To Consider" from an old book. The crow was stamped on the white
papers taken off a napkin so it could be more visible, the reason I say this is because a stamp does not work well on a rough surface, it even wants to resist watercolor paper that is rough. This also allows some transparent effect of color showing through the stamp. I Also used some pastels in her hair and white pen around the flowers.

I gathered my wits, those I could find, and tried to put every ounce of information I have seen and heard into this face. Some words that our teacher, Nora said about faces and a story kept resinating in my head, she said the artist does not just want a mug shot. we want a story. Good words for me to think about as I work on these faces.

Thank you viewers for coming by, your comments are a great boost. Have a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Emelie, her face tells a thousand kind stories, she is soulful! Love her!

Star said...

You can see she's daydreaming or having soulful thoughts! Funny about your DH's remark about being Poe's wife, and it fits!! All I get from mine is, H'mmmm, interesting!

Jacqueline said...

She is so lovely! I love the colours!

revchantilly said...

If I had been drinking anything, my poor laptop would have been showered laughing over Dad's quip about your picture.