Friday, February 19, 2010

A Young Face

It is Friday, and you think yes, but I thought it was Thursday all day and by 3:00 in the afternoon was so disappointed that it was Friday. I thought I had another day.

We have assignments, I am behind, a profile of a face and a dark skin face to paint. Both will be hard. Then I feel the urge to do somethings that are a little abstract, with odd sort of design, which I have done before, but enjoy a lot as I don't have to have things so right, with proper features. I like it all no real preference.

I hope your finding things to do that you love. Spring is showing a tiny bit, the Starlings have started to get a yellow beak which is a sign of spring.


wanda miller said...

what an extraordinary her eyes and hat so much! i really love this piece emile.
spring has sprung around here for sure, almost everything has a blossom or a bud...such a nice change.

Diane said...

This piece has such a Spring feel about it too--we're still in a deep freeze here :( However, it is sunny right now, and going to be in the 30's today :)

Star said...

She does look just like Spring! Makes me think of Easter! I'm seeing hints of a promise of Spring here but there's still a good 2 months of snow and cold to go yet. It takes forever for May to get here!!
Oh, and again I see this face and look at your picture and I think she looks like you!