Friday, February 26, 2010

Finding Faces

We are suppose to creat a background and find a face, well it is difficult sort of when you want to find what isn't there. I didn't want to do profile, but the eye was there and the nose, no lips but a chin and odd sort of neck. Head was there but not the bun, shoulders were there in the swoops of paint as were the odd wings. I had used a fly swatter to create the squares you see, used it as a stencil and I did that before finding the face. I did have to add some to second wing. It was all there, almost, and yet it came out looking like a lot of the faces I paint. It seems a bit forced, however not. When it seems contrived or forced, the magic is missing.


Diane said...

Emelie, this turned out great--I've done this before, and it's amazing what you can find, and I love your background!

Star said...

This angel appears to be on a mission! I gigggled over the fly swatter wings....nothing in our homes is sacred anymore, it all belongs to our art!!