Monday, February 15, 2010

Photos and paintings

It is fun to experiment with ones own photos and paintings, my husband and I joke about what you can see in the trees, he sees more images of things imagined than I do, which I find rather creative. In fact he looked at my photo altering and said he liked it. I think imagination is a fun part of our lives. I did a lot of make believe when I was a kid and had an imaginary friend, her name was Dirtea, I feel a blush coming on and a silly smile.

A few weeks ago I took photos of a beautiful morning frost, and today I did a face with papers, colored pencil, a transfer of the house, and some stamping, and some paint.


Diane said...

Well,now how cool is that? Dirtea--I love it!!

Star said...

I like the black border on this piece!
Hey, I had a secret (invisable) friend, too! He was Seymour; a little guy all dressed in green. I think I was 3 to 4 years old and he was so very REAL to me!