Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two fixes and Kissing a Frog

I have a good friend who always states that if you eat your toad first thing in the morning then the hardest part of the day is done. Of course this means if you have something to do that you dislike get it done first and then the rest of the day is a snap. Kissing a frog is not as hard, and it accomplished a profile painting in our class. This is an older woman but they kiss frogs also, prince or no prince she is giving it a try. I give her credit.

My woman with a hat needed the hat larger so the edge didn't go right down the middle of the painting, yes I knew this but had just ignored my inner voice to make a change.

The face with the red hair needed a forhead change and I did some slightly and a lip tuck, so minor I don't know if you can notice.


Star said...

Darn! I think I probably need to kiss a whole pond full of frogs so I can get busy with what I want/need to do again!
I like the small changes you made and what a difference they made!! I know the first lady is like a Mucha lady but you know what....she looks like Angelina Jolie! The bottom kissy face is good, too!
Today, as soon as I get the morning things kissed away, then I PAINT!!

Judy said...

Nice changes, Emelie!

I REALLY like your "kid the frog" lady!!! She could be Native American. Your attention to creative details are just fantastic! Love the colors also!!

So, where in WI in winter do we find toads to kiss????