Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Class Work

I am sitting here thinking, should I post these, I might make changes, especially in the one with the head scarf. I may change the eyes and make them lower, (a risk) I may have some of her hair show on the right side. There is just something sort of wrong, despite working really hard on this piece, cutting the napkin and pleating it in places. My ink jet gel transfer turned out good. I took it from a picture, and the ironwork is called fretwork, which is a learned thing for me.

Warm enough today to wash all the road salt off the car, and get the oil changed. I thought it was rather poor customer service to have a huge puddle right as one drives out of the carwash.
You had to go through it to get into the street.

If I make those changes I will show you, not tonight tho.

Thank you for your visits and the emails of your visits.


Jacqueline said...

Hi Emelie, love your faces, they are beautiful!

Diane said...

Oh, Emelie, these ladies are beautiful. They have a story in their eyes. I love the second one!

Star said...

Emelie, I you really start to see that your pretty faces are evolving and getting better each time! Like the colors, again and the transfer came out good, too! Oh and I like the hat and the Hair!!
I've been busy all week but after today I should be caught up on other "things" and be able to finally get back to working on painting faces and more without being dragged away!!

Anonymous said...

Your art is very beautiful, you are creating these fantastically.