Friday, February 5, 2010


I am late today, I started this painting yesterday, I wanted to paint a dark red dress and I wanted a child. I find a line type drawing in a clip art, and thought I can do something with this.

I got the child part done. that was after using a gel medium to put tiny little pieces of newspaper all over the canvas and rubbing paint into the work. Then nothing would work, no colors of napkins were right nothing, I then decided to use a technique of transfer inages learned from nora for the background house, it is not a glued on house it is a transfer. then added some foilage. and the bird from napkins, and stencil little pink flowers from a paper doily. a butterfly. If you enlarge the image by clicking you can see the tiny patchwork of the news paper. I am 90% satisfied.

I did get time to shovel snow, do laundry, cook, but mainly do artful things.


wanda miller said...

i just almost jumped when i saw this little girl you painted, joy is my favorite word and this little girl says it ALL. i especially like that it's from the back!

Star said...

That was such a cute idea and it turned out pretty good. You sure have some very nice napkins for florals, birds and butterflies! This looks like you had fun and didn't struggle as much!!