Monday, February 8, 2010

Working, working

Been busy with Nora's Class, and I forgot how to paint a face even with great instruction and reminders. But, you know, trying really hard makes things not right sometimes. Everyone is doing beautiful work in the class and new work goes up all the time. It is great fun and it is a class not a sale so things can be not quite right. I have to work on eyes, they are so important in a face. Smaller eyes tomorrow. I always think of something I read in a magazine about faces, and the Author said you don't want your face to have walleyes, I smile as I think of it because I have some of those.

Despite all I have said that is negative about what I am doing, I don't really feel that way there is a lot to like and what I have learned is a lot , it is simular thinking at the end of the day to be happy with what you did get done not what is left to do.

There will be more


Jacqueline said...

Oh beautiful Emelie!

wanda miller said...

very your backgrounds that i see just barely peeking through...sounds like you are TRULY enjoying learning..i just love that!