Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scrolls and Twists

I have always liked them, artist, Mucha did beautiful work and had a lot of them in his work,

He did a lot of work painting faces in the art Nouveau style, with much flamboyant twists.

He died in 1939. Beautiful work. He would of been an artist in advertising today, except we never that same kind of beauty in posters, the idea of beauty has changed. Like everything times and appeal are different.

This does not compare to his work, I just thought of him when painting.

I like odd design around the head and am never satisfied with the hair I paint and the direction that it flows to compliment a face. I used a stamp on the parts of the napkin I tore away. This settles into the painting nicely so it becomes rather seamless in appearance when I apply the matte medium to the paper. I also stamped with paint all over the whole background with the same design before I started. It would be OK to have the design show through on the face more if the face had been an older person. Somehow she got young. The dragon fly is also a stamp that has paint on it.
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Star said...

I also like a lot of the Mucha designs. Do you realize this lady you just did looks like you? Some of the others do as well!!
Not much art going on today for me. I did doodle with markers a bit on newspaper while watching a nascar race but now I was in the art room beginning to clear the table so I can set up a computer in there....beginning to clear, means moving 1 thing, then finding a interesting scrap and sitting down to futz a bit, then moving some paint bottles to put away but first shaking them and then getting drops of paint out to play with colors, had some used waxed paper pretty much used up so got my little scissors and cut the wax paper into strips and pieces to keep the scissors nice and smooth, watched the nascar truck race a little, then the olympics a bit, cut a couple birds from a magazine, read the recipes and still haven't cleared that part of the table! So goes my days....

Diane said...

Ooooh, she's beautiful, and yes I love this artist's style too. I love Art Noveau--it makes sense that mixed media artists would be attracted to this type of art, don't you think?