Saturday, February 27, 2010

A mix and cuttings

That is what this is, a painting taken apart on the computer and put together with the unsuccessful parts taken out. Plus that it has a piece of fabric scanned in first and shows through the painting with help of print shop.

No time to paint today, I do hope to tomorrow, however quilting has to come to the front of my thoughts now as the day in April comes closer when I talk to 180 women about art quilting.

However, I can't drop it because some friends I care about a lot would like a face painting start so they can do faces and I am thrilled to do that.


Anonymous said...

emelie, i just love how she's peeking out behind everything! and did you paint the flower by her face? i'm in love with it!
i agree with you, i think our good thoughts, whether artistic or not do connect mysteriously to one another at times. i would love you to paint someone in a red coat..your paintings are so beautiful!

Diane said...

Oh, Emelie--beautiful, beautiful!!

Star said...

You're going to give a talk to 180 women, in person? Do you teach art quilting? wow......just wow!