Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How We look At Things

Thinking of the things we see and what we think are the most beautiful is really different for people. If you grew up in the country you might thik those scenes are the most beautiful, or jut the opposite if you grew up in the city. I can see the beauty in both, I prefer the country.

Even doing all this art work I think that it is a good thing we don't all like the same artist or their work. Trying to find your own style making your own way with all the mediums is rewarding, even as much as we admire another we must find our own way.

I think of our families, and our children , we give them the basics and they find their own way with some of the tools we instilled, they work hard, find their place, and it doesn't look the same as our way, even if they used some of the same tools, tools of mind, ethics, desire.

We all know I didn't see this one photo all these ways, but tools made even the altered images somewhat the same.

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wanda miller said...

that is so well said, emile...thoughts that pass through my mind often. thank you for your words today...i painted that angel before this class and have been holding out to show later, as she was unfinished for awhile.tee hee hee
i looked at the larger view on your pics here. they are sooooo beautiful, inspiring. did you do this with photoshop? i just love them!