Thursday, February 18, 2010

A good fixit

I have confirmation, I did a good fix on this painting, I was just to class and got the news, and it made me feel quite fantastic, I sound like Susan Boyle back stage after her first performance.
I love to watch that.

If you look below and than comapre you will see that what appeared to me to be short of a horse face is more person looking. I kept wanting to ask, why such a long face?


wanda miller said...

i lovvvve this face....keep going...!!! (with more faces, that is!!!!

Judy said...

Emelie... Wonderful changes, I LOVE her face! I also like the texture of her hair! Well done, friend!!

Star said...

I liked the 1st one with the long face....but now I like the shorter happier face, too. Good for you making changes and liking the result!
You rock! LOL!