Saturday, February 20, 2010

Women of color, class work

A true challenge of layering colors, having the face right as possible and of course there are the same problems I always have, proper placement of the features. We have 71 people in All Nora's Art and they are working hard, everyday new paintings and frustrations of getting it right. Everyone gets comments and help. Every aspect of the class is fun. May as well have fun while getting it right and pretty.

Having it right and being pretty, we do this everyday, the house, the cooking, our clothes for us and family. Jobs are always about getting it right, and production. I am not about production tho it may seem that way. It is just winter I do like to get out some everyday, there is plenty to see if you look. But there is a lot of time in a day,well not always enough. The deer have been pawing in the strawberries. So in deep snow, wading out there to put something that stinks like a coyote. Just another example of trying to get it right and have beautiful berries in June.

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Star said...

wow, you're catching on to doing the colored faces really fast! Your transfers are coming out nice, too!