Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Altered painting

Just for fun, I am a little bit jangled today, it is because I can't do everything at once. I want to do everything at once. We had lots of white heavily frosted trees tis morning and I went out with the camera. I didn't realize it was only 14 degrees, got quite cold, and hungry. I just walked out the door and left a lot that had to be done. So now I want to get those photos on the computer, and work with some other photos, paint, plan dinner, clean up the floors a bit, read, plus play on the computer. I also want to try a transfer technique I read about, using a light colored permanent marker on the back of an inkjet photo to transfer the image. At this point I need a marker used for quilting that is white and vanishes, so I will have to risk a jaundice look on my tranfer because yellow is the lightest I have, maybe I have a pink.
The photo was not taken by me but by a good friend.

Since I am in the red/pink mood I will post this painting and a photo that I could do better with, then do some mundane things and calm down.

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Star said...

Emelie, I'm sorry you're having an 'out of sorts' kind of day. I got sort of tickled reading as you defined exactly how I feel every day except adding in a dose of the blues along with it. Funny how we get a few nice warmer days and think we can just wander outside not thinking of the cold. Those few days were so nice but now it's back to normal.
I like the top picture the best but neither are bad at all.