Sunday, January 31, 2010

Be Glad

Glad is a funny word sort of short and blunt to describe an emotion that makes us feel good.

I struggled with this piece of art, wanting to use this napkin to it's fullest, it wouldn't come together, one part looked soft and other parts looked harsh, that happens when one tries too many techniques, has too many ideas, and tries to put them all in one piece of work. The experience really isn't work either it is pure enjoyment. A lot of thought, as I consider tossing it in the waste paper, or continueing. Continueing is usually the best. Sometimes I think this can't get any worse, frequently it starts to get better, the lesson is to keep going.


Diane said...

Emelie, I don't see any problem here--this is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Emelie keep going, you have some very beautiful creations here. The next piece will only grow in beauty!

wanda miller said...

...yes! keep are on to something wonderful. so very pretty and looks like you are having so much fun...and turning out so many pieces, you must be all stirred up and anxious to do do do! i too love going to sleep at night thinking out what's next, or what can i do to change that piece, etc. sometimes i get the answers that way! wahoo! xo wanda