Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Work

Do you ever think that some of your old work looks better than your new work? I think that at times. Of course there is the fact I won't show some of the really old work, and I may not keep that promise either. I have intentions of looking at some of that past work today and working on some shading around the eyes, plus giving eyelids a second look plus work. I may think those paintings are better but I see they lack something also. You are aware that one can completely ruin work with reworking

This art work was done a couple days ago, it has more layering than I usually do, the small face has 5 layers in places and is not as smooth as I would like. A full napkin behind the larger face. I used the middle layer of the napkin as there was still light printing on it that I liked.

I have suddenly been struck by awareness, it is alarming.


Jacqueline said...

They are so beautiful Emelie!
I love your work and the colours you use!
And thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.

Diane said...

Hi Emelie! I'm in Sharon's class with you, and I'm glad, because I found your blog. I'll be following--I love your work--I love the softness of it!

Irene said...

Hi Emelie...I finally decided to check out your loon quilt and discovered your mixed media art. I love your paintings. I also saw the link to Nora's Art and checked it out...I had no idea that Sharon was offering an on-line class. I signed up! You've made my day! Now I'm excited about learning everything that I can in Sharon's class. Thanks so much! xoxo Irene (Thimbles 'n Stitches)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emelie, lovely to hear from you on Sharon's ning group. So exciting.
I am having problems replying, so come over to you blog.
Your art is awesome. One thing I realize as art goes on, is the very thing I try to avoid in the younger sketches are the things that bloom later on. I could not see the development slowly creeping in and then looking back I could.
This maybe the reason we see some of our earlier work as better.
All your art is fabulous!



Star said...

Emelie, I keep coming back to look at the face in the bottom picture. She's vaguely making me think of someone but I can't figure out who!
I like her.