Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color Limits, and Expirments

This is a charcoal face, no experience with this medium at all. Also exercise in limiting colors.

It is a mix of papers, paint, charcoal, writing. I have always liked manilla paper. crayons, pastels, pencil, and charcoal adhear to it nicely. I did the face, cut around it added patchwork paper to the back and then the other papers. I did a little stenciling on her dress and a watery mix of paint behind her head. Black, white, yellow ochre and pale yellow craft acrylic paint were used.


Anonymous said...

I found you at Norah's. I love your light and airy pieces of art. I signed up for Sharon's class a few minutes ago...I'm looking forward to your blog. I have been retired about 3 years and spend a lot of my time doing mixed media...I feared I was doomed to quilt(nothing wrong with that at all) but found that I prefer playing with paper and paint...but with mixed media, one can always throw in some fabric.

Star said...

You look at this and wonder what she's dreaming of; something wistful and lost in her past.
I like the layout in this one.