Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilt, plus

My title is deceiving, you might think it is a plus size quilt, actually it measures 3ft by 18 in.

The loons are on a necktie, the necktie was taken apart which explains the extra width. The face was painted on fabric, I used a recycled dress and other bits of fabric that were new and some ribbon. I search for neckties all the time, some have some nice abstract designs that work well in art quilts. I think the face is a little loon like, and she has taken great effort to dress for the occasion. I see the lighting was different for the full quilt photo. The parts, not the whole is accurate.


Star said...

Oh my! I love this!! I've had Loons on my mind so it's so funny you showed this piece! That must have been a great neck tie! I love Loons.
I had just been thinking that my next try with painting of some form would be Loons, probably with the watercolor pencils some more, but I went into my room last night and got sidetracked right away while keeping an eye on the football game. Ended up going through older Zines, pulling out collage sheets and that was about it. No loon or any art at all.
What cloth is your face painted on?
I do not sew but that's probably a good thing or I'd have a ton of fabrics along with the ton of other supplies I already have! If I did, I'd be doing art quilts for sure!

Sharon said...

Oh the loons. I had to come see because I haven't been able to get this tie out of my mind since your first showed me. I'm about to add a bird or three to this big painting I'm doing and so thanks for the inspiration. Not that I can paint loons but maybe they will be loon cousins or somthing.
And as always, thank you for comments. They cheer me.

wanda miller said...

i just lovvve this art quilt, emelie. everything about it. your chosen dimensions, the face, the loons, the colors and the imagination, and then getting lost in a beautiful story or stories this emotes! wonderfully original!!! xo wanda