Sunday, January 3, 2010

They Can't Always Wear Mittens

I feel mixed media is still new to me, I want more, I want youth, I want hands, I want age, I want bodies to have shape sometimes, somtimes I just want pretty and a vague story that comes to mind in the viewing is OK. I feel disappointed when I get stiff looking work.

I always think the story is more important than how long it took me. Sometimes the labor is important when I have difficulty. It is hard to admit to difficulty. If it all came really easy would I be as interested? I think the challenge drives me.

My title is true I have to work on hands, find a style, be satisfied, and not fret the whole time I am doing a piece of art that the hands will give me trouble. I have done studies, taken information off the net on written tutorials that have helped.

I have also been thinking of teens I have seen or young girls wearing not warm enough clothing,
it has been 22 below here mornings and I see kids with not enough on. I hear conversations

that tell me some are not satisfied with Chrstmas. It was inspiration really, I remember doing the same, hating boots, wishing I had something else, it is just typical of that time of one's life.


Star said...

Hi Emelie, I like the backgrounds on both of these! They show up nicely in the bigger photo.
I think hands have to be the hardest thing to draw or paint! And as for stiff looking works; I think artists who started out in Folk, collage and altered forms of art have a easier time than those who started in finer painting and arts. This method allows you to just be fun & free and mistakes are allowed, whereas in finer art everything has to be right and not left to the imagination so much. I have a horrid time trying to loosen up and not be so critical of my work.
Winter! I hate the boots, coats, gloves and I'm guilty of running out to the mailbox or to the car without the right outer clothes on. However, unlike the kids I see walking around, I at least wear sweatshirts and jeans! I belong in a warm year around climate.

revchantilly said...

I read this and giggled because I was thinking of the picture of me on the steps, surrounded by snow drifts, with mouth wide open and no mittens on. I also thought of the time you picked up my lost mitten from the main intersection of town.

lovelaceangela said...

no mittens, huh. like you said, alot of different meanings. Desire to capture the hands like you think they should look for your artistic growth, how the deep freeze of late affects the mood. the second picture really does remind me of teenage stuff and the desire to look cute is more important than to be warm

and like chan said, some feeling of frustration over kids' lost mittens when you know it is gonna be 20 below

Anonymous said...

Love love love what you do. You have a lovely free style, so good with colors and design. Just beautiful, Emelie.

*chuckling* about the lost mitten in the main intersection.