Sunday, January 10, 2010


That could of been my name, my mothers name is Zelda, so you see how that oculd of happened.

I could of said was Zelda, she is gone now but she still is Zelda.

I wanted wild hair and it is there, only....I saw this printed sheet in the Sunday Paper and had to use it and it covered the hair. That is how it goes sometimes in layers, a good layer can get obscured by another. There is some stamping with paint under some of that also. It is in a journal of just what ever I want to do.. I used the Folk Art acrylics on this, pencil, ink, and the newspaper. The page in the journal was tinted gesso.

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wanda miller said...

i just read the comment you left on my blog, emeile. i teared up at the deepness you seemed to portray..i think i'm right. i take my job so seriously and yet light heartedly, remembering that every thing i say and do matters so much when we are with children. i am so happy at the memories it touched in your heart. i am nearing retirement too in the next few years and have wondered how that will be without the kids!!!
your work is wonderful, inventive and original..i too shall continue perusing here. i am very mixed media at heart but have enjoyed learning to paint just last january and am passionate toward this. thank you again for the lovely lovely heart warming comments. warmly, wanda