Friday, January 22, 2010

A Day, Frustration

My head is rattleing, that is a good sign really, it means there is something there. Computer things, requirement things generated by internet systems often go wrong for me. They did today. Or when someone gives you a key and says this will work on this door, most often it doesn't. Or I get a card at a hotel that should open the door and it doesn't. It is the way it is.

Doors don't open today because I don't have the right thing.

Photo alterations have gone well, painting, layering has gone well. I am thankful.


Sharon said...

Did you get my email. I was watching to hear from you.

Star said...

Sorry you were having a frustrating day! Hope tomorrow will be better! I had one of those days yesterday until I was in tears but then felt better. Actually it was the invite from Sharon and going on to her new site & looking around that finally made me smile!
I like the bottom left picture a lot; it looks very serene and calming.