Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Has It's Way

I learned something today, a woman I know from a message board posted about layering with photography, something I didn't know I knew anything about, and didn't know or understand the option in my Print Shop Program. Misty Mawn does lovely layering and it is shown on her blog.

I have these photos of Wing River it is a river both my husband and I played in when we were kids, we loved that river as we lived in an area without lakes. my Sister-in-law sent me these photos a year ago .

I wonder frequently why it takes me so long to learn things, I did many pages of altered photos last year for gifts, and I didn't try this option or if I did I didn't do it in the right order. Undo
is a great feature, to be able to undo with a click would help me often in life. I still have more to learn but, in life I think it is important to be thrilled with what we learned so far.

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misty said...

i think we all still have a little more to learn... :) you are doing great, layering is a lot of fun and once you get it down it won't seem so confusing... looks like you are doing a great job! my problem is that i want to know how to do everything, but refuse to read instructions, so i learn by trial and error. :)
thanks so much for posting about my blog.
all the best! take care!