Saturday, January 9, 2010


That is my word for today, avoiding painting hands, avoiding shoveling, avoiding disciplining my cat. Hermie wants to sit on the table, and I didn't even chase him off, I cleared away things so he would have more room to sit comfortably. He left in a little bit tho as I put out his favorite toy and then I found the disinfectant wipes. I will go shovel in a bit, and I will finish the hand on the painting in the art room, good outcome or not I will show it, it is a small hand.

We have neighbors that give us a lot of fresh fish, summer and winter, they love ice fishing but it has been miserable cold so not lately. I did this painting as a thank you for all the great fresh, mild, flavorful fish.

I did bake bread, and I did clean out the cabinets that hold dry good and canned good, plus the pots and pans cabinet. I know, more avoidance. I had to look and see if avoidance had an A or an E. The A part of the dictionary is gone, or most of it except the Av's were there.

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Star said...

Oh yes, avoiding is sure a word that hit's home with me! I do it well!
I do like your picture. How nice to do a picture as a thank you for those tasty fish!! Our weather is supposed to warm up drastically so maybe it'll mean more fish for you!