Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Josie and Hermie

Thank you for coming by, certainly blogging can put a dent in your time. I just spent time

sizing and adjustments on photos of painting that may get posted in the future. I had to then spend time with dog and cat photos.

These photos of the pets are made transparent into the background fabric. You see tiny bits of green as Josie was a summer photo, I put a tiny border around Hermie so green would be in more places. This was easy as the pets have some of the same colors. I also have one of my paintings in the background, I removed the color from the painting digitally.

Hope to post painting later today, I have to fix the eyes on the face, they look so strange, if I wanted strange it would be different, I didn't. The morning is vanishing, I have done nothing

but basic things in the house and ponder plans. Five hours of this is too much, have you ever looked at 'Old World Artisians"? Those paintings stimulate all your artistic senses.

Hope that you can say, WOW it is still morning and look at all I have done.

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