Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hand journal

It is a hand journal, every painting or entry has to have a painted hand, overpainted or underpainted, drawing, suggestion, tiny or large. I have done 3, there are 60 pages, perhaps I should find the glue, make thicker pages. I won't work for continuity, some pages may have photos, clippings, words, however I decide or feel about the page. The cover will be last so that could be quite a long time from now. The goal is to have some freedom in subject matter, also it occured to me that legs and feet might fit into this also. Will I finish this? I am not so good at finishing journals and they shouldn't be hurried. Journal writing is difficult for me.


Judy said...

I *see* a hand!!!!

I'm enjoying your journey....

Star said...

I like this journal page; something about the background and color of it all. Good idea for doing a journal on
something you want to learn or get better at. And a journal is all yours, you don't have to finish it or it can take a long time, no rush!
I think having several going at once is a good thing, too. I haven't done any journals yet.
When I did the latest mail art and I came to painting the hand (over-painting)I thought of you and thought, I'll have to tell Emelie that I didn't draw that hand! It was my first try at over painting anything and I liked it. I did put on too much gesso though and lost most of my lines, except luckily left enough around the fingers so I didn't botch it!!