Saturday, January 30, 2010

Envelopes, Napkins and Paint

You see the badge on the right, this is some of what we will be learning and are learning at Nora's. There is a lot more. You will look at napkins differently now. The same is true with the quilting, you look at recycled clothing differently as you think about the bit you could use for an art quilt.

I forgot to mention we are using the patterns from inside security envelopes.

I feel I am leaning toward spring, it is a long way to lean yet, have purchased some seeds already. This painting has a spring feel, I like that I could use the lattice from the napkin border in the work

The one photo is just the napkins not a collage.

I will post more collage of this nature in the days to come. Hope your having some spring thoughts.


Sharon said...

Yea for the badge! and the napkins! and the collage! I really like the top one and they do make me think of spring.

Diane said...

Beautiful Emelie!!

wanda miller said... i'm dreaming of easter...very pretty!!!

Jacqueline said...

Yes, spring is in the air! Very beautiful Emelie!