Monday, January 18, 2010

My first friend

My first friend that I remember, she is the daughter of my mother's friend in the 40's and '50's. This is a tiny little photo that has even been cut up by others. I couldn't resist tampering with it in my Print Shop. I am the one with the white scarf, in cold weather I still wear a scarf like that.
Not in public.


Star said...

That's just the cutest photograph and I like what you did with it. The picture with the moon is just perfect!
Wasn't it just too cute to see your loon with one of Sharon's girls?
I had scarves like yours also. I wonder whatever happened to those scarves and knit caps. My little sister also had a white fur muff with a dolls head to match her coat and I was terribly jealous of it! I don't know what became of that either.

wanda miller said...

how precious, emile! i love what you did with the pics in your collage. is it PHOTOSHOP? my sister and i are giving up on a class we were taking in photoshop, just too hard!
you could never talk to long on my blog...i love sharing with you and hearing what you have to say...the closest thing to a cup of tea or phone call with a friend. thank you, wanda

Anonymous said...

Emelie, you look so cute! What a beautiful photo.