Monday, January 11, 2010

Taking photos

I did that today, I saw these icicles on a church by great windows, I also have been watching the neighbors apple tree since fall at the first frost when the apples were yellow. They keep hanging on. Misty Mawn has been a huge inspiration to me with the photos. I did photos before and

give away journals that were all daughters. I learned quite a lot doing that, but have learned a little more. Just when you think you know something there is more, it is right there in the computer. One never know when someone else will say just the word you need to expand. I am not very good with directions that are written, pictures really say much more. I so appreciate that in these cold days, something new to learn, not so cold today except cold enough to have to hurry with the camera a bit. The camera is new also so I was very happy to see how the apple tree turned out, I was far away and could zoom.

Are you ever deeply thankful? I hope so, it makes the mundane things you have to do so much better. In the Book Sylvia's Farm the Author Sylvia Jorrin talks about creativity, it gave me such appreciation of what others do, it didn't have anything to do with paint, photos, writing, music, it had to do with everyday life, how you manipulate your time and effort in the most basic

task. I thought about parenting as I helped families with that, I liked that position as there was not a single right answer, it took creativity, there were several ways to do it right.

Enough I have too many words.


Judy said...

Emelie, these pictures immediately said JANUARY to me.. at first glance. I almost feel like I need to put a blanket over me! Well done!!

Star said...

I love the colors in this one, too! You can feel our Winter, cold but yet beautiful.