Friday, January 1, 2010

The Red Mood

I have not lost my wanting red even with Christmas gone, I like it until hints of spring start to come then I get excited about spring colors, one thing tho the older I get the more I like red.

I had a red wool coat that was more cherry color and I still think of how I loved that coat. I was only 5, and I had red shoes also. Never stopped being partial to such things.

Christmas is picked up and put away I did take a photo of a chair near the entry, Such a nice old tin, fabric poinsettias, things to enjoy over Christmas. Procrastinated over the picking up and didn't paint either, sometimes if I don't do the shoulds I can't do the wants. I did the painting this fall. It was an expirment in using the rubbing plates, small expirment as the plates are sort of large and the painting was not. The plates have to be used with tissue paper, watercolor paper is too thick to be effective.


Anonymous said...

Another beauty, how do you create them so fast!



Star said...

I like the red collage painting and the red pillows on the chair, too.

I had a red wool coat at that same age, it had white or bone colored toggle buttons. Then I also had a Cowgirl outfit, red skirt & vest with white leather fringe. I wore it to Kindergarten! I loved both the coat and cowgirl outfit. Don't recall red shoes for sure but I think I had a red velvet pair for the Christmas holidays one year.