Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fabric, paper, computer

The day is flying, amazing what a little of this and that can do to a day.

The face in this post was done on a very textured fabric, it was done with a palette type knife.

This explains the rather ruddy look, I the background you see was done on paper and is the bottom of another painting, I used a doily for a stencil and wallpaper that is embossed for a stamp. There is also hydrangea napkin in this background, I hope you can see the church with the steeple in the background. Enlargment helps.

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Star said...

This makes me think she's looking through a halo of leaves and flower bits swirling in the wind on a Fall day. I do see the church but it may have taken a while to pick it out if you hadn't said it was there. A good picture on a day when the time and day is surely flying away!