Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Intentions

I had good intentions, I wanted simple, pretty but simple, a simple drawing with some charcoal, and I had noat done that. Not too much color, not too much going on. Then I got this story in my head and couldn't stop.

There is a story here of lost love, it just didn't work, perhaps it was her eye, or maybe he smoked too much, or it was her constant long face. I don't know, but they both remember.
The two photos show I was almost simple in design, and then forgot.

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Star said...

You sure aren't alone in wanting simple but continuing on until it no longer resembles what you wanted. I do that constantly!
I do like the bottom picture the best; it's good that you showed both, tho.

My huge order of art supplies came this morning! I'm so excited; I opened it all and looked it all over, discovered I still managed to forget 1 thing but it's nothing I need right away. I promised myself I'd clean house before Friday so I could just play all through the week end but today was just too busy. Tomorrow I clean; then play!! Sharon just has me all giddy waiting and today I did sign up for the Shades of Grey with pam Carriker! I have all those supplies put together even watched the video's but I don't have time to do more than that. While I watch Idol in a minute, I have to unclutter the art room some more so I have room to play and places to put all these new treasures away!