Monday, March 1, 2010

Woman in red

It is a clean up week for me, getting some things done in the house and making it feel more spring, putting away of somethings I enjoy in the winter, mostly just stuff that decorates, and some angels of a wintery look, just stuff, the hydrangeas that were pretty for a while dried in vases are now dusty and horrible. Candles that seemed right for winter look tired. Where my family watches Tv and reads is full of too much, too many books and magazines. Those great magazines by Somerset that I love I will keep. One sees something new in them each time to inspire a painting or collage. Artists I visit on blogs have things published and written, things that are of value to me.

I have painted everyday for 4 months, so a few days to reduce clutter is a good choice. I will find things to post. Maybe find something to take a photo of, I have quilts that are ready for a photo.

No matter how much I have learned in my 4 week class I still like this woman in Red. I want more paintings like this, a better face but all the additions. I have another woman in red also and another that will get posted this week.

It is March, that sounds like spring.


Star said...

Well, she's interesting! This makes me think of a playing card!
You have so much going on that I don't see how you find time to paint. did you have sun and blue skies when we had dreary grey and snow all week end; today isn't looking much better. Blah....

I was thinking of you and your 'reds'! I have a little picture I want to paint running around in my head but I can't get it worked out. A line of kids in red snowsuits marching through the snow. I know, sounds easy but I'm still having trouble trying to draw it out to my liking. Listen to the 2nd song on my blog....White Winter Hymnal. It's a nonsense song having more to do with melodies and harmony but I like the words anyway.
Hope you have a good day!

Diane said...

Gorgeous, Emelie!!! And I agree with you about Somerset--when I feel a little "stale", those magazines always help me out!

Anonymous said...

Peaking through the window of creativity.