Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once In a Blue Moon

I heard this a lot as a child, my mother said it all the time, so often that how could it have been just once.

So inspired by a little melancholy, a new year, a new moon, thought about painting out some of the emotion that simmers on days like this. Soup is simmering as I find a wool sock, and remember the things I meant to send home with my daughter that I didn't. I remembered most things the day our youngest daughter left. I like arrivings so much better than leavings.

Wishing you a new year filled with the things that are most important, and the things you love.


Star said...

Nice way to end the old year and usher the new....with a painting honoring the new moon and lamenting the holiday visitation of loved ones.
Happy New Year!

Sharon said...

Happy New Year!
I like her and I like the colors and all of it. Hope it did the trick. I started one and not too happy so far. Wishing I had started with a different background colors. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, so peaceful! Love the softness.
Have a great day!