Sunday, December 6, 2009

Angel Enhancement

I have to be careful, we could of had angles instead of angels this morning.

This project didn't go well for me, at an art fair I saw very pretty things done by artist, Westy Copeland, they were done on book pages. so beautiful in the simplicity design and I felt so instpired by them. First of all I have trouble with simplicity, I feel funny wearing a plain white shirt.

I found an old childrens book and took a page from it, I designed my angel and saved the parts of the printed page I liked from a brush full of paint. I added snippets of other papers also. It was quite a blah looking piece to me. This morning I scanned it into the computer and adjusted colors, added a scanned piece of fabric behind, cropped, zoomed, resized. and I do believe it is fit for a card. The computer is a good critic, it is like holding the art work to a mirror, the unsuitable parts really show up. A good art repair shop.

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Judy said...

I like this, Emelie!! At first, I feel like I'm looking through a piece of dotted Swiss fabric (in fact, my bridesmaids dresses were kind of like this...*smile*)