Sunday, December 20, 2009

Angel Of the Day

I have painted many, 5 of them are in a large collage 18X24 behind glass , theire background is

stenciled newspaper plus stamping in the various colors of the paintings. How many times does something turn out exactly they way you want? It did for me this time. I cannot get a clear photo of it even without out glass. The angel yesterday is in the collage and the angel with the tree is also.

This kind of art is so much fun, one of the reasons it is so much fun for me is I don't have to worry about the perspective of things in the painting. It also offers a lot of surprises that are good.

What I learned today has nothing to do with art, but it helps a lot to have a pretty face to wear a stupid hat.


Star said...

This one is excellent and my favorite so far! Very nice!!

Itaya said...

I love your work Emelie! This one is my favorite so far. Could be the trees or the little bird but it really reaches out and touches me. Very beautiful work! I love angels as well. :)
Happy Holidays