Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things I like

Another painting of a house, I did this a few years ago when we had a brown Christmas, the swamp scene I had done earlier. The lovely Tamarack turns gold in the fall. Hard to get just the right color, a little alizeran in the raw sienna and a bit of hookers green. a tough recipe to get just right. I had done those little pillows a time ago also, they are palm size and I wish I had left them colorful, in my program once the border is there I can't change the photos. I could make a gadget of them tho. An old lamp from childhood and chalkware angels. You can also see some hand knitted socks there, my daughter spins and knits a lot. They are on an old penny rug.

As I look toward Christmas not far off, we prepare for a winter storm that will delay things with family. It has not started yet, but I hear the winds in the pines that has a mounful sound. The juncos are gathered in mass around the feeders which are indications of a pending storm. I can hear John Denver singing about a storm and supper on the stove.

I want to paint and I will, I need to sew and I will, and run a couple errands. I may practice with my camera also.


Star said...

Emelie I just love your paintings, you are very good at the houses and landscapes! I always love the tamaracks and their colors.
Hope this next storm won't be too bad and your family makes it to your house!

revchantilly said...

I'm one of the family that will probably get delayed---I live in southeast Kansas and it IS looking like trekking north of Des Moines, IA will not be a good idea Christmas day.

HI MOM!!!!!