Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So simple, a dog waiting

I show this because, simple beauty is hard for me, I see space and want to put something there. I have even purchased books on keeping things simple, I can't find them, and if I do tend to disregard the advice.

Frequently I see this sort of look in rural Wisc. At one time Sharon had a photo on her blog that reminded me of this painting. This is the landscape now, we have had early snow compared to some of the past years. People do still hang clothes on the line in Dec. next to a lighted tree.

I want to paint today, and not thinking simple at all.

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Star said...

Emilie, that is just a wonderful painting! That would make a great Christmas card or Christmas stationary. I like it just as it is.
It reminds me of old farm house near us that I love looking at. Seeing this makes me want to put everything else to the side and go pull out the paints!!