Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frosty leaves

Funny how something tossed aside can become part of a piece of art work. I had stamped these leaves on paper, the stamping was not clean or crisp. It was on the floor, yesterday while painting, and I wanted something sort of dreary, they seemed just right. The texture you see in the background are crayon rubbings on a piece of old wood, wood that no longer has bark. The rubbings were done on tracing paper as it is stronger and takes pressure better than tissue. I hope to try dreary again today.

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Star said...

Well, this painting is very nice. You do very nicely when dreary! Do you do a painting or form of art every day; start to finish? wow!

Wanted to tell you that I appreciate your comments on my blog and art etc.! You can listen to my music anytime you like; pull up my blog, minimize it and just let it play on. It'll keep you humming all day long!
If you'll email me I'll send you my playlist and you can save it to your desktop to listen anytime.