Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things Remembered

Some days ago just wanting to paint faces and really wanting something with some dreary colors that I do like, this painting and mix of materials came about. It felt so 50s and of course I remember those years well. When I was done I kept thinking she needed a red plastic purse, and I mean purse as we never said bag when I was a child. It could of been the ruralness of our life as the term "bag" was not used as it is now. It is mostly likely the polka dots in the dress that gives me this feeling. Vintage is the word that comes to mind even if it was not intended.


Sharon said...

Oh, it's definitely the polka dots and reminds me of the red polka dot dress I had in the fifties. Big full skirt with tiny senched up waist and huge puffy sleeves. Can you just see it? By the way, that purse up there is to-die-for.
And she has the most lovely surprise look on her face. Surprised I'm sure of the birdsl

Star said...

Oh yes, she does need that purse to go with that polka dotted dress. perfect match! I like the Winter look & feel to this piece and the birds, of course.
Hope you're enjoying your visit with daughters, yet. I miss my daughter terribly. She's in Northern Alabama and not about to come up here at all in the Winter. She's a true Southern Belle, born and raised in the South so coming North in the cold is not on her agenda. If I could find just find some spare $$ I would sure be on my way to spending Winters with her, though!!
Hope you have a good day!