Monday, December 21, 2009

A story of Ifs and Mights

I had spent quite a lot of time on a photo collage mixed with a couple landscape paintings, If I had done my select all before the save I would of had more than the border to show you. If the angel I had painted wasn't going down hill I would of showed you that. If I wasn't worried about Christmas travel for family I might of not made mistakes on these projects. I might be able to rescue both these things but it will take sometime IF I didn't have to do other things that concern the season. It isn't that I am wishy washy, I just don't know if I should and it might not work anyway. :>)

So here is a gaudy woman who says if only I looked like the woman in the corner and I might if I didn't have green hair.


Sharon said...

Must be the bright colors, she is great. You know me and bright colors.
Wishing you the best Christmas. Be safe and I know how it is to worry about family traveling.

Star said...

I can identify...but for all that IFFING I she think she turned out rather well.
I had a boss one time who said that IF had to come out of my vocabulary because he didn't believe in IF; there was no such thing. He and I went 'round about IF more than once and I told him IF he'd step into MY shoes then he'd know that IF does exist! Luckily I wasn't fired from a much needed job, he just walked away shaking his head!