Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nursery Rhymes and Memories

Holding my breath as we wait for a winter storm, such a big IF really.

When I look at this painting and mix of paint, papers, napkins, stamps, pencil, it was not intended to remind me of a nursery rhyme, but it does in a way, I always think of a cow that won't cooperate and jump over the moon. Well if one is holding the moon with a big dragon fly perhaps the cow is the wisest of the two. It all started with wanting to paint a woman with a scarf on her head. I have many photos of wearing a scarf like this as a child. I remember getting a new one and picking out the pattern with my mother. She said it had to match my jacket.
Of course even at age 6 I had to have a scarf with many patterns.

Have a day with good memories.

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