Thursday, December 10, 2009

Be Calm and Rest

At least be calm, I feel more clam today, except still doing several things at once. I had to run the vac, I don't want my new cat to get dirty. He is so calm except when I run the vac, he leaves. He is from the shelter, I just walked in one day and said, I will have a slightly used tabby please. He is slightly used as one eye does not open as far as the other, sort of the Rocky look.

I love to paint angels in these colors, so I painted a calm angel, she is painted on a brown paper bag. I also used a book page and parts of a hymnal. There is some stamping also, that crackle look is a stamp. Today I was not so scattered, I put in a background first. If you look carefully you can see a cat looking at the angel.


Anonymous said...

Emelie, I really like this new picture! I like the colors and I even see the cat!
I have a tiny teacup poodle and she gives me a dirty look and leaves when I get the vacuum out, too. She doesn't appreciate her toys and bed being moved out of the way to clean.
And I want to thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! It made my day!

lovelaceangela said...

Merry Christmas. Get in some good yule log watching...