Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Too Many Things

I tried to do to much at one time today, shoveling, baking, painting, and reading. Spaced properly and done without a scattered mind would of made for better outcome. The cake is sort of a solid thing, shoveling not done, and painting is Ho Hum. But I don't always have to post things that are just to my standard.

This is a painting done on a page from a book in acrylics. It is a wind swept landscape from an old Paul Bunyan reader. My intent was....just a face nothing else, failed that. If this was a game and I said find 9 things wrong with this picture it would be a success. Still it is going into the journal because, just because. Well because I have a journal of things not so great.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I think it is a great page and you made me laugh out loud. I found nothing wrong with it. I'm not too good at that game. I guess.